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We believe in God

We believe that God exists even when He is invisable for us. Despite all rumors, preferences and atheistic ideologies He is a good and loving father who created us thoughtfully and loves us unconditionally. He is tangible and personal. All it needs is a heartfelt prayer from your inner being. He knows everyone of us personally – and He knows you.


We believe in Jesus

We believe that Jesus Christ actually lived. He was much more than a good man or prophet. He was – and is – the Son of God who became man for mankind and showed us how much we are loved. He took on all the guild of humanity – even yours – He voluntary carried all the judgement we deserved on himself because He loves us. Through Him we now can be delivered and redeemed from all guilt and bondage. The bible tells us, that when we confess our sins before Him, ask Him for forgiveness, and believe in our hearts that He rose from the dead and is alive now we will be saved. There is no guilt to heavy, no situation to hopeless for Him!

We believe in the Holy Spirit

We belive in the reality of the power of the Holy Spirit. He is the one who fills everything related to God and the gospel with such a power and dynamic that signs and wonders can happen any time, people in bondages can be free and sick can be healed. He is here to help us and demonstrate christianity and the church being no religion but most real and life-giving. Nothing is impossible with God.

We believe in the Bible

We believe that the bible is more than a religious book. Although written by men its origin has been carefully supervised and monitored by God himself. The bible is trustworthy. Through it heaven can speak to us and show us the best way for each and every situation. Out of it we take comfort, encouragement and faith for the walks of life. Reading the bible helps us to receive great ideas and conceptions for our life and grow inwardly. It helps us to realise how God is an thinks. Bible’s treasures open up for us through a God-given faith that He is more than willing to share with you.

We believe in the Church

We belive in the significance of the church. And by that we mean more than a building with a bell tower. Church is the invisible, Holy-Spirit created connection of people sharing a united, likewise faith in Jesus Christ and taking responsibility for each other. It is characterized and shaped from the bible’s great command: Love your God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself. We believe in the importance of coming together regularly in order to celebrate our heavenly father. Our events are filled with fun, friendships, joy, modern music and close to everyday life, grasping preachings. Visit us and see first-hand! You will be surprised how good church can be!

What is HOPE Berlin all about?

HOPE Berlin is a new Church-planting project. We want to build a church that is helping people to conceive a new image of church, God and christianity all together. With that in mind we want to model our faith welcoming, contemporary and easy to understand. We want to assist everyone who is open-minded to comprehend and experience the wonderful gospel of God’s unconditional love in Jesus.

What am I to expect at HOPE Berlin?

Our meetings and events are taking place in appartments, coffee bars or restaurants at the moment. The last – due to location or occasion – between 1-2 hours. Thereby we put value on easy talks, communication, time for hang-outs and building friendships. We eat meals together and spend time encouraging each other through short true-to-life messages of faith, prayer and modern music. Our events are deliberately styled in presentation and contents to make unchurched visitors feel easy and welcomed home. We believe that church is all about people and not the other way around.

Can everybody be involved?

Sure – You are invited! We want you to be here! We don’t need anybody’s church background or specific religious affiliation. You don’t belive in God at all? That’s just fine. All it takes is an open heart to learn and a healthy curiosity to what the gospel offers us: a great life with a God you might get to know ….

Are you a sect?

To say it clear: NO we are not a sect. Everything in HOPE Berlin happens voluntary. We as a church belong to the „Bund Freikirchlicher Pfingstgemeinden KdöR“ – – and as an evangelical church we are associated with the „Evangelische Allianz“ in Berlin –

Do I have to pay for anything?

Not that either. We finance ourselves solely by voluntary donations. If you don’t want that it’s just fine with us. You are very WELCOME.

Do I have to share your believe?

No – but you are invited to learn from what we are excited about – and at this point we hope certainly that you will get excited too…. We love to be at your disposal anytime in case you have any questions about what we believe and we will do our very best to assist you to catch it.

What if I don’t know anyone?

Don’t worry – we are here just for that. We are ready to help you get connected at HOPE Berlin. We are here for you! In case you feel a stranger: why not arrange a personal meeting with pastor first? (see „Meet the pastor“)

Do I have to get a membership?

No you don’t have to – but if you want to, you can become part of our team. There are no official memberships in our church. We belive it is important for everyone to find a place to belong, a home – even within church and faith. So we invite everyone to become part of our fellowship but don’t make it a must.

You are very WELCOME as a guest.

Any more questions?

Just in case we couldn’t answer your specific one: please send us your request via „CONTACT“ and we will come back to you soon.


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